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Privacy Policy Statement

What Data is Collected, How it is Collected, What is Done With It.

This website does not collect any personally identifying about you unless you contact us.

Upon contacting us via our online web contact form, through the mail, or by telephone, we will ask for and retain your contact information. This information is maintained by me, Doug Peters, to use in order to return a reply and remain in contact with you, hopefully to establish a business relationship beneficial to both parties. At any time, you may request that I cease contact with you, or even that I delete all your contact information.

I do NOT deploy Google Analytics or any other such data mining service. I don't even use 'cookies' (which are small data packets written to your computer to be used to personalize a website, as well as track your path through it) on this website.

There is nothing really wrong with using cookies as long as it is done right and not used to mine data by large corporations (usually to trick you into buying stuff, to spy on your shopping habits, and/or even view and undermine your political preferences). Again, this is evil, I do not do it, and I stand firmly against employing cookies in such a way that I know to be deliberately evil.

Your visit is also logged with your IP and browser make and version information in case you encounter an error visting this website. This log is maintained by the web host, HD Web Hosting. If an error is encountered I might try to use the log to trace where the error occurred in order to rectify the situation and correct the error. 

Each IP is usually a unique address ID that can be used to identify your locality, but if that is a concern, you can spoof the IP, use the service from Cloudflare, or employ a VPN to mask your IP. Web browser make and version info can also easily be spoofed, if required.

This website employs an encrypted security certificate to keep data transmissions between your web browser and this wensite secure and private through the encryption process. Therefore, all connections to this website should only use the https:// protocol. If your web address starts with http://, then please change the transfer protocol to use https:// in the web address bar. This will ensure that your data is protected, especially when contacting us using the online contact form.  

Thanks for reading!


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