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You Need an Online Presence

It matters not whether you are a professional, freelancer, entrepreneur, small business or corporate conglomerate; if you you can't be found online in a pandemic, you are in deep trouble.

The world is changed. It was always important to have a website in business, but that rule has expanded to virtually everyone in the Covid-19 virus pandemic world, and even once we have a reliable vaccine to prevent contagiousness and avoid contamination from spreading this killer infection, it is clear that technology is advancing because of the virus and we will all need to be more tech savy.

Think of this, does your son or daughter even know how to use a phone book? Probably not. Test them. This is a common occurance, everyone looks up the information they need on their 'smart'phone, tablet, or computer, these days. Some may even talk to a device to retrieve what they want to know.

It's hard to be tech savy and then describe what I do to people who aren't because what I do is filled with so many tech terms, but I can not only design a perfectly good website for you, I can even tech you how to keep it updated without ever hurting the design that presents it.

For those who understand, I don't just design a website, I design it for easy use by your site visitors & customers, I make sure it is well optimized for todays world so that it looks good on different devices (phones, tablets & computers) & platforms (on iOS, Linux, Macintosh & Windows). I have it invite webcrawlers to check for new updates so that the search engines can send you new leads based on the fresh updates. I make sure it's search friendly and that it takes advantage of secure web technologies, while delivering your positive marketing message in a compelling, well branded online presentation.


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