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About Doug Peters

After leaving Augustana in 1996 I developed an online portfolio to show off my art portfolio. The Information Technology Administrator at my college loved it and gave me more work. I've been designing logos, well branded & highly optimized websites ever since. 

I have been accused of being hard to get along with. This may be true, I can be something of a perfectionist. This is quite true with my design projects. I take careful attention to deliver the best possible design that isn't only well branded, but delivers a business marketing message that will resonate with a human audience.

That marketing message is the focus of the entire website, but it is also well presented in a website that won't act as a stumbling block to the search engine crawlers, and yet is optimized as friendly for humans to be able to use and navigate intuitively.

But, I am stuborn. Really, that's exactly what my clientel pays me for, to deliver the best possible design that delivers a professional business marketing message effectively, that reaches the potential customer by producing an element of respect and trust.

Unless you have a visual arts degree, you may well not understand.  

Therefore, it is very rare that I take on new clients unless I am authorized full creative control. And it is absolutely no problem if I never get another new client because I can always create websites for myself that will put commissions or royalties in my bank account. 


2108 S Duluth Ave.            
Sioux Falls, SD 57105


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